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The Germs – We Must Bleed The Documentary 2023.

Idioma inglés.

What We Do Is Secret (2007) Full Movie VO.

The Germs – GI (Full Album).

0:00 What We Do Is Secret

0:44 Communist Eyes

2:57 Land of Treason

5:08 Richie Dagger’s Crime

7:04 Strange Notes

8:57 American Leather

10:08 Lexicon Devil

11:52 Manimal

14:03 Our Way

16:00 We Must Bleed

19:06 Media Blitz

20:35 The Other Newest One

23:24 Let’s Pretend

25:58 Dragon Lady

27:37 The Slave

28:40 Shut Down (annihilation man)

What We Do Is Secret – The Germs (Full EP).


1:36 forming

5:02 sex boy

8:25 victim

9:37 sweet dreams

12:10 lets pretend

17:58 get a grip

19:50 suicide machine

23:19 sugar sugar

28:25 wild baby

31:07 grand old flag

Germs – The Whiskey, Los Angeles 1979.


Interview with Casey Cola on Darby Crash’s suicide.

Casey Cola Talking about her suicide pact with Darby Crash. From the documentry SurfPunks L.A.