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Membros banda
Papis Diao
Sak’ill Onil
Omar Master
Lugar de nacemento
galicia senegal españa guediawaye hamo6

 Axlubi-X is a opened crew and music band originally from A Coruña (nordwest Spain), from the borough of Agra del Orzán.

They meeted up firstly back to 2009, in improvised music jams in a social center of the barrio. every day, along two months, they meeted evenings together with other musicians and artists to djing and rapping.

After that, Saco and Papis Diao made official band Axlubi-X and very soon they gave their fist shows.

Axlubi-X stands for a opened and spontan community. Axlubi its a word in Dakar which refears a place in the streets of this city where people come and go, often before don’t know each one, play something and have smalltalks. “X” means anonymous, nobody is relevant in the band. There are official members, but no one is fixed. “X” it’s also in the name because is the letter which always begins the ID card of inmigrants in Spain. It’s such a mark with the spanish state classifics people in groups for his use and values.

Since 2011 they record profesionally their tracks with their own mediums and knowledges, in different places which build up together “Axlubi Studios”.

In 2012, Niggaché and Omar Master joined the crew oficially, not as newcomers, actually as a comeback because they were also in the origins of the band, they participed too.

Axlubi-X existence it’s quiet complex, because each member comes of a different country in the world, they just came together on a point, but they are constantin on the road because life experiences. And they are also in different lifetimes, different ages, that’s makes the teamwork also special. But this all mixes up a band with different faces, styles and tastes where each life experience has a strong effect in the band.

It’s Axlubi-X. Nobody seems to be relevant, the crew it’s what you see, but you can’t understand them without to watch out to the members under this name. As the society, people it’s treated as zero many times, forgotted in an anonymous life where nobody cares about the other, but there is a chance to work together, make something special for you and then bring something out to be free, to be one and to be yourself.

 [a3587657] CODIGO ARTISTA.


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